Going Nuts for Sperm Production


Going nuts

Going nuts for sperm production

A recent Spanish study (14-week randomised controlled trial) concluded that men who are keen to boost their fertility may want to increase their consumption of nuts.  The study found that when healthy young men (119 of them) included 60g a day of mixed almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts they saw significant improvements in their sperm count, vitality, motility and morphology.

These men also had a significant reduction in their levels of sperm DNA fragmentation, a parameter closely associated with male infertility.

In a previous post we have shown the benefits of including seafood in the diet to improve fertility parameters, and now with the addition of nuts being beneficial it starting to look rather similar to a Mediterranean diet for better fertility outcomes, and we already know this style of diet has many health benefits in general.

When considering pre-conception care and family planning it is important that both partners are on board to improve their overall health, diet and lifestyle, and that you understand what your individual needs are.  This is why we have specialised naturopaths who offer couples preconception care consultations where you and your partner will be given relevant guidance to suit you as individuals and improve fertility outcomes.

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