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The Naturopaths at HerbsontheHill are committed to helping you rediscover health. We do this by paying particular attention to identifying and, where possible, treating the underlying causes of your health concerns.  To best achieve this we ask you to tell the story of your health and gather a thorough case history.

Your Naturopath may ask not only about your main concern today but also about other areas of your health such as your digestive system, your health history or how you feel emotionally. This is to ensure that they have a whole picture of your health and can address the underlying cause of your health concerns.

In your consultation, the Naturopath may draw from a wide variety of both modern (e.g. pathology tests) and traditional (e.g. nail and tongue analysis) diagnostic tools depending upon what is relevant to you.

Once your Naturopath has gathered a clear picture of you and your health, they will be able to outline the role they can play in helping you return to health. Commonly, this will involve a treatment plan (which may be broken into stages, depending upon the complexity of your health condition) and the expected outcomes from any treatments. Your treatment plan will be unique to you and may also vary across follow-up consultations. An individualised treatment plan may include

Lifestyle changes (including exercise, relaxation techniques, and other activities
Dietary suggestions or a food plan
Dietary and Nutritional supplements
Herbal remedies (these come in a variety of forms – liquid, tablets, creams)
Flower essences
Aromatherapy oils
Referral to another health practitioner
Further investigations such as pathology testing

Your treatment plan will not only be tailored to your health needs, but also your ability to make changes in your life, and your financial situation.

Your Naturopath will also suggest when you will need to rebook for your next appointment so that they are able to review how you are going with your treatment plan and recommend any changes or additions that may be needed.  As a part of our quality care, it is important to us that you feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns between appointments.

We prefer, where possible, to work in concert with any other health professionals who may be involved in managing your current health conditions.  To assist with this, you may like to bring along any recent pathology (e.g. blood tests, ultrasound/x-ray reports, etc.) results, current medication and supplements, or prepare any additional information you feel may be relevant to your health concerns. We are also more than happy to provide a letter for you to share with other health professionals involved in your care which outlines the focus and details of your treatment plan with us.

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