5 Min Breaky (or brunch or lunch!) ‘To Go’

Author: Sophia Gerontakos

5 minute Breaky

5 minute Breaky

If you are like me and don’t like eating super early in the morning or just don’t have time, this is one of the best ‘to go’ breakfasts I’ve come up with yet.  A decent breakfast is super important for regulating blood sugar and sustaining energy levels throughout the day so it can’t be skipped, but a slow leisurely breakfast at home is not always feasible and this is your solution (one of them anyway, I have a few 😉 )

The contents of this jar are delicious and packed full of all the essential nutrients (think omega 3 fatty acids, protein, gut-loving fibre, probiotics and vitamins).  I’ve even managed to get a bit of iron into the mix by adding some molasses to my weekly cook-up of stewed apples.  This is a staple breakfast/brunch or lunch of mine.

The contents of this breakfast include a couple of things that need to be pre-prepared, but stay with me here, it’s all do-able!

It contains stewed apples, and I’ve already spoken about this magical gut-friendly fibre (see my post here if you missed this recipe/chat) and ideally you will be making a large batch of stewed apples weekly to keep in the fridge and add to breakfasts like this.

It also calls for a chia pudding and this takes no more than 1 min 30 seconds to prepare the night before, or even that morning if it is going to be a few hours til you eat it.  All you do is add 2 level dessert spoons of chia seeds to the jar (recycled peanut butter/tahini jar) and some almond/coconut/macadamia milk (about 1/4 cup) and swirl it around so the chia seeds are not stuck to the sides or bottom of the jar.  You can also add a pinch of cinnamon, cacao powder or a teaspoon of hemp powder if you wish, and mix well.  You may need to add a little more milk if you add the hemp powder.

When you wake up in the morning:

Grab the chia pudding jar out of the fridge, and add:

  • Muesli (your choice – GF or oat muesli) – about an inch or so
  • Two spoonful’s of stewed apples (pre-prepared)
  • A few good dollops of coconut or natural yoghurt

Optional toppings: sprinkle with cinnamon or I love topping with fresh passionfruit during passionfruit season.  Yum!


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