Naturopathy aims to arrest the progressive destruction of tissues which occurs as part of the disease process – often resulting from poor diet, a polluted environment and excessive stress. Naturopathy aims to restore and maintain normal bodily functions through the use of substances found naturally in our environment.

Naturopathy regards the human being as a whole, self-healing organism needing some basic elements to maintain itself in full health. These consist of a diet of fresh and minimally processed foods, regular exercise, clean fresh air, regular exposure to natural sunlight, unpolluted water for drinking and a physical environment as free from negative stress as possible.

This is quite often not possible in our modern world, and modern Naturopaths are quite realistic in their outlook, realising that in the society in which we live there are many factors which impinge upon our health in ways over which we have little control. So Naturopaths utilise nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbal medicines, along with dietary changes to counteract these negative effects and bring the body back into balance.

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