Fermented Oat Pancakes


Oat Pancakes

Oat Pancakes

Mill 2 cups of rolled oats in the food processor until it becomes a flour consistency, add 2 cups of yoghurt or milk kefir and blend together. Allow to sit at room temp overnight to allow the fermentation to occur.

In the morning add in 2 beaten eggs *, 1.5 tsp baking soda (aluminium free) and enough additional water or milk to achieve desired consistency (some like their pancakes large and thin, others prefer a thicker more pikelet result).

Preheat pan, cook using ghee or coconut oil. Top with fruit/ maple syrup or, my current favourite, a spread of grass-fed organic butter and some live miso paste (tastes vegemite-ish).


Oats are a great alternative to refined wheat flour, which you typically find in pancake recipes. Oats are nutritionally rich in minerals such a magnesium, potassium and phosphorous as well as being a good source of soluble fibre and B vitamins. In traditional herbal medicine, oats are used tonify and nourish the nervous system, promoting calm during times of stress.  By allowing the oats to ferment overnight we aid the digestibility of the grain and increase the nutrient value.

*if you have time, perhaps on a lazy Sunday morning, try separating the eggs and beating the whites so that they form white peaks. Next, add the yolks and baking soda and mix well before gently folding in the egg whites; this results in a much more fluffy style pancake.


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