Think of our clinic as your naturopathic medical practice.  You might be surprised at what we can treat.  Each of the practitioners at Herbs on the Hill is comfortable treating a wide range of conditions, the list below is an indication of the areas they are particularly interested in.

* Arthritis and Joint pains Justin Sinclair

* Asthma and Respiratory problems David Casteleijn

* Assistance with managing Pregnancy Amie Steel , Tina Taylor

* Skin disorders (Psoriasis, eczema) Brooke Mickan

* Children’s health Diana Bowman, Tina Taylor

* Women’s health and hormones Jon Wardle, Tina Taylor

* Digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Constipation) David Casteleijn Diana Bowman

* Menstrual and reproductive health (PCOS, endometriosis) Jon Wardle Michelle Boyd

* Fertility health (pre and post conception care) Michelle Boyd, Tina Taylor

* Colds and flu David Casteleijn Diana BowmanBrooke Mickan

* Anxiety and Depression David Casteleijn, Jason Rainforest,

* Supporting Thyroid conditions Diana BowmanBrooke Mickan

* Difficulties with substance use and assistance with withdrawal  Jason Rainforest,

* Feeling exhausted and run down Jason RainforestDavid CasteleijnMichelle BoydJon WardleJustin Sinclair, Diana BowmanBrooke Mickan, Tina Taylor

.. … these and many other disorders respond well to our treatments.


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