Melinda Banks (Osteopath)

Osteopathy is a natural healthcare system which uses physical treatment to improve a person’s wellbeing. Osteopaths are registered by the government, recognised by Medicare and private health insurers and are well known for their safe and effective treatment of pain.

Melinda uses very subtle techniques which have very powerful effects. These techniques, including cranial osteopathy, are ways in which to work with minute movements of the cranial bones, spinal joints and other tissues in the body. Gentle contacts are used to free restrictions in the cranium, spine, fluids, nerves and muscles.

Melinda Banks is a qualified and registered osteopath who is experienced in gentle techniques that release restrictions in newborn babies, toddlers, children and adults. Melinda has completed a five year double degree and has a postgraduate education in cranial osteopathy and biodynamics.

What can you expect at your first consultation?
Your osteopath will take a detailed medical history that provides them with useful information regarding your general wellbeing and assists them in making a diagnosis. Following this, your osteopath with perform whatever diagnostic tests are required. This may involve taking your blood pressure, checking your reflexes or examining your ears. The Osteopath will then perform an osteopathic exam (observation and feeling), to determine which areas of the body are not functioning well. The osteopath will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Further tests may be needed so that your Osteopath can refer to a relevent practitioner or for x-rays.

Melinda Banks will be consulting from Herbs on the Hill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  To make an appointment with Melinda please call reception directly on 07 3166 1549.

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