Lemon-Coconut Ambrosia Balls


Lemon Coconut Ambrosia Balls

Lemon Coconut Ambrosia Balls

These tasty bliss balls are packed with minerals, vitamins, fibre and healthy fats.  By using the whole lemon, you also get the health benefits of the citrus bioflavonoids found in the rind and pith, which have anti-inflammatory properties …. enjoy.

½ cup Cashews
1 Date
1 tbsp Coconut oil
½ cup Coconut, desiccated or shredded,
1.5 tbsp Coconut flour or Almond meal
½ Lemon, with skin, seeds removed, diced and frozen (the lemon will blend more easily in the food processor if you cut it into pieces and freeze it overnight)

1. Place frozen lemon pieces in food processor and whiz until finely chopped.
Set aside.
2. Place cashews, dates and coconut oil in food processor and blend until well
3. Place mixture into a bowl, add lemon and coconut and mix until well combined.
4. Shape into small 3-4cm balls, roll them in a little extra coconut, and refrigerate until set
(about 1-2hrs).

Nutritional Information – Per Serving (serving size 3 balls)
Energy: 520 kj, 124 cal, Protein: 2.6 g,
Fat: 10.5 g total, 5.28 g saturated, 3.5 g mono-unsat, 0.85 poly-unsat
Carbs total: 4.14 g, Sugars: 1.7 g, Fibre: 2.6 g
Vit A: 0.3 mcg, Carotenoids: 1.73 mcg, Vit E: 0.16 mg
Vit B3: 0.91 mg, Folate: 4.0 mcg, Vit C: 4.54 mg
Calcium: 7.06 mg, Magnesium: 30.87 mg, Phosphorus: 63.51 mg, Zinc: 0.64 mg,
Iron: 0.66 mg, Iodine: 0.31 mcg, Potassium: 102.79 mg, Sodium: 3.96 mg

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